Amnesty? Is is Right?

Amnesty has always been a hotly debated subject.  Amnesty refers to the legalization of the illegal immigrants living in the United States and giving them some form of citizenship. There are firm supporters and just as many people who disagree. It is important to see both sides of the argument to make a logical stance on the subject.

Tom Head, an advocate for civil liberties, supports amnesty. In his article “Why I Support Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants” he warns us not to give in to our fears about immigrants and draws upon the fact that these people are already living in the United States without significant problems to us. He wants the United States to live up to Emily Lazarus’ poem that is engraved on the Statue of Liberty which elegantly speaks of America to be a “golden door” for “retched refuse” and “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. He views illegal aliens as innocent people who work hard and risked everything for a better life.

Jena McNeil, a homeland security analyst for the Heritage Foundation, takes a realistic stance on amnesty. She states that amnesty just doesn’t make “fiscal sense”. In her article “Amenesty Doesn’t Make Fiscal Sense” she outlines numerous logical reasons against amnesty. She first draws upon the failed amnesty of 1986 that only encouraged illegal immigration and created a bigger problem then before. Next she illustrates the costs that would acompany amnesty legislation “the cost of amnesty—meaning the manpower, technology upgrades, processing costs, logistics, and other government expenditures related to the legalization of 10.8 million individuals.” She also states the drain illegals have on the welfare and healthcare systems. All in all through a logical argument she shows that amnesty just isn’t really a possiblity.

I personally side with the latter argument. Ronald Reagan tried to the amnesty approach in 1986 and the results were obvious. It only encouraged more illegal immigration which defeated the purpose.  Luckily it looks as if the law makers of America have not forgotten this blunder. Today amnesty propositions by radical left wing law makers are met with feverish opposition from both parties making amnesty an unlikely option for reform.

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